Welcome to the Super 8 tutorial, this section will teach you how to create and edit card message format and create a default template.

Let us send plentiful message formats to your customers!

Schematic diagram of the customer receiving the card message in Messenger or LINE

1. Create on Chat page

First click into the Group Chatroom or the Chat page of the customer you want to talk to, press "+" symbol on the left of the input box to add the card based on the message format you want to send.

2. Create on Broadcast Messages page

Go to the "Broadcast Messages" page in the organization page, and click "Broadcast New Message" at the top right to add the message format you want to send on the edit page, select "Optional Card", "Confirmation Card" or "List Card" to open the Card Editor.

Select various cards in "Message Type"

At the top of the Card Editor, you can select "Select from Default Templates", and you can select a created card from the default templates that have been saved in the past.

Click "Select from default templates"

"Default Template" sidebar will appear on the right, and you can quickly enter card messages

Type of card

Three types of cards are provided: "Optional card", "Confirmation Card", and "List Card". "List card" can only be sent to Messenger customers. It is because the official LINE account does not support this message format. It is recommended that you can use the "Optional Card" to achieve the same effect.

Types of button

Three types of buttons are provided: "Response Button", "URL Button" and "Call Button". You can directly set labels for "Response Button" and "URL Button"! When customer presses the button, it will be marked with the label you set. You can open the Card Editor to edit card format messages on One-on-One chat and "Broadcast Messages" page.

For "URL button", please make sure the URL starts with https:// to successfully send the card. For "Call button", country code (e.g. +8862226777XX) must be added to correctly place a call.

Extended reading of button applications: How to use plentiful message formats to attract customers' attention?

Optional Cards

Optional Cards are suitable for making a variety of categories. Press the "Add button" below to add new buttons. Each card can create three buttons. Press the "+" sign on the right to add cards. A group can create up to 10 cards horizontally.

Due to the limitations of LINE and Messenger, when adding cards horizontally, the number of buttons on each card must be the same. In addition, if one card contains image, the other cards should contain image too.

There are three types of card buttons: "Respond text", "Open URL", and "Make a Call"

Import Product Page

If you have online shop, you can directly click the button "..." in the upper right corner of the card to import the page URL. After pasting the page URL, it will automatically import the product names, images, introductions, and other information for you.

Click the button "..." in the upper right corner of the card, and paste the page URL

When the automatically generated images and texts are not what you want, you can manually modify or delete the information and images in real time.

Click "Save the card as default template: below to save it for next time you send a message or broadcast a message

Confirmation Cards

Confirmation Cards can be used to confirm customer preferences, inquiries, purchase confirmation, etc., and are suitable for making yes-no questions or essay questions. The buttons for the two options can be "Response Button" and "URL button".

The buttons for the two options can be "Response Button" and "URL button".

A schematic diagram of a customer pressing the "URL button"

In addition, LINE users can use the LINE URL scheme function to add specific links to the "URL button" to direct users to LINE related application functions, providing your customers with more convenient and interesting experiences!

LINE currently provides the following 12 specific links:

1. Open Camera and Album

2. Turn on Location Services

3. Share your LINE Official Account

4. Open your LINE Official Account homepage

5. Send text message

6. Open My Profile

7. Open LINE app page

8. Open LINE settings page

9. Open Sticker Shop

10. Open Theme Shop

11. Turn on LINE Out function (Not applicable to Taiwan Region)

12. Turn on LIFF function

Let us take function 4 as an example for demonstration:

1. Add a specific link to the "URL Button" in the confirmation card. Please refer to the link setting method: https://bit.ly/2OMRHGx

2. After the customer clicks on the text of the official LINE account, then your official LINE account homepage will be opened.

List Cards

List Cards can be matched or combined with single products, and up to four products can be set at once. Each product can be directly imported into the product webpage through the "..." button in the upper right corner, and has its own button that can be embedded in the webpage.

In addition, there is a button at the bottom of the card, which can be used to embed a URL to direct customers to the website specified by you; you can also enter text without entering the URL, allowing customers to use this button to reply.

There are three types of card buttons: "Respond text", "Open URL", and "Make a Call"


1. Regardless of the type of card, you can send it directly, or click "Save the card as default template" to save it for the organization members to send next time.

2. You can view the sidebar of the default template by clicking the icon shown in the figure below.

You can "share", "edit", "delete" the default template again

Hope the above information helps you!

If there are other questions, please feel free to contact the online customer service through "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the bottom right of the Super 8 platform.

Super 8 Messenger: https://m.me/no8.io

Super 8 Line@: https://line.me/R/ti/p/@im888

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