Welcome to the tutorial of using Super 8. This section will teach you how to Broadcast Messages.

Broadcast Messages function in organization

If you have yet to create any broadcast message, you can click on the " Broadcast Message" tab in the organization, and it will display the "Add Broadcast Message" page. You can first edit the name of the broadcast message you want to create.

The name of the broadcast message is a required field. Only fill in the name to send the message.

Multiple sending target conditions

Next, set the "Target to Send", by clicking on the Target to Send menu, you can choose the type of target you want to send. There are as many as eight target options, listed as follows:

  • Platform (connected application): All platform customers, all Messenger customers, and all LINE@ customers.
  • Designated target: Directly enter the customer's name to add a target.
  • Gender: Male, female, custom (this "custom" is an option in Facebook used to obtain customer details automatically).
  • Age: If the customer has birthday information, it will be used to determine the age range.
  • Year, month, and day of birth: Can be set separately to meet the needs of various activity contents.
  • Tag: If the organization and customer data have set tags, you can search and select one from here.

Conditional logic of the Target to Send

In addition to selecting an item as the target to send, you can also exclude, include, equal, less than, or equal to a certain condition. The logic description is as follows:

  • Add new conditions to narrow the sending range: multiple conditions are "and" logic.
  • Add new conditions to expand the sending range: multiple conditions are "or" logic

Set broadcast time

Let the system automatically send message at the specified time for you, or send it immediately. If you select "Send at a specified time", the broadcast message will be saved. Remind you that, for broadcast messages that have been scheduled, do not repeatedly edit its fields and message content. We recommend that you delete the scheduled broadcast message from the broadcast message list and recreate one.

Select message type

There are six message types for you to choose from: text, file, option card, confirmation card, list card, and graphic message. If you want to select a saved template as the message to send, please first click the template type, and then click "Select from Default Templates".

Besides, please note that list cards can only be sent to Messenger users, while graphic messages can only be sent to LINE official account users.

Option card

When setting up option cards, please pay exceptional attention to specify the same number of pictures and buttons on each card so that it can be displayed normally at the front-end.

Graphic message.

When selecting "graphic message" as the message content, you need to enter the "graphic message name". After the graphic message is sent, its name will appear in the push notification preview and the conversation list at the customer side. The length of the graphic message name is limited to 400 characters, emojis are allowed.

Besides, we provide four different message templates for you to choose from. You can upload graphics and set links, reply text, and tags.

For the size of the uploaded graphic, you can refer to: The recommended graphic file size, dimension, and scale of the image file in the card.

Send multiple messages

You can set to send more than one message at a time (up to three messages at most), and the LINE push API will only treat it as one message.

After the broadcast message's content is set, you can first check the mobile phone preview screen on the right. After reconfirming you can press the "Send" button.

After sending the message

After sending a message, click to enter the broadcast message, and you can check whether the sending status is successful or failed. You can further click on the customer's name to enter the chat page to continue chatting or view the reason why the message failed to send.

Why did the message fail to send?

The possible reason is that the customer has blocked your Messenger or LINE official account.

To increase the customer's reply rate, we recommended using the card message when broadcasting messages. It is not only good-looking but also provides click buttons for customers to reply, which is a way "to increase the chance of interaction".

As shown in the figure below, in addition to providing two URL buttons, the card in the example adds a "Reply text" button at the bottom. After the customer clicks the button, the text will be sent back, representing the customer's proactive reply to you.

Remember, do not keep sending information unilaterally, as customers will get annoyed, and eventually, you will lose their support.

Edit and delete

For broadcast messages that are set to be sent at a specified time, you can select to view them by clicking the "Broadcast Message" list page. To delete, click on the "trash can" icon.

Click the icon on the left to copy the message content, make further changes, and send new broadcast messages.

To add a new broadcast message, click "Add Broadcast Message" at the top right corner.


1. For the customer tags used in broadcast messaging, please create them when editing customer information.

2. Below the title of the target to send, the number of targets currently designated to send will be displayed as - "There are _ customers who meet the following conditions", please be sure to check. Once a broadcast message is sent, there is no way to unsend.

Remind you that after clicking the Send button to broadcast a message, the system will receive the broadcast message schedule and it cannot be deleted or changed. Broadcast messages in the system will be queued and sent in sequence. If you see that the number of messages sent is 0, please wait for a while, and the number will be updated when the schedule is up. Please do not copy the broadcast message before clicking the Send button; it will cause customers to repeatedly receive the same messages. If you are not sure whether the message has been sent, please contact the online customer service and inform your status. Thank you!

Hope the above information helps you!

For any other questions, please contact the online customer service representative through the "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the Super 8 platform's bottom right.

Super 8 Line@: https://m.me/no8.io

Super 8 Line@: https://m.me/no8.io

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