Customers must take the initiative to start a conversation with your fan page or LINE official account to become your customer list.

You cannot actively send messages to customers. This is the same specification for both official Facebook and LINE accounts.

How to collect Messenger customer list

Anyone can send a message to your fan page, regardless of whether the customer is a follower/fan of your fan page, thus your message interaction object is not limited to the number of your fans, you can use "Facebook Business: Facebook Marketing" to create a "send message" advertising goal, invite Facebook users around the world to send messages to your fan page.

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How to collect customer list of LINE official account

Similarly, you can set "Invite friends to join" through the graphic menu button, or scan the QR Code offline to invite anyone to join your LINE@ and send a message.

Invite friends to join the link How to get: LINE officially provides a special URL that can work in the LINE App

Example: line://nv/recommendOA/@im888

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If there are other questions, please feel free to contact the online customer service through "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the bottom right of the Super 8 platform.

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