Welcome to the tutorial of using Super 8. This section will teach you how to use the member get member tool - the marketing of increasing fans of LINE.

Before starting to create a marketing campaign of increasing fans of LINE, you must first set a "LINE Login Channel" and "Setup Connection". Please follow the steps below.

1. "Line Login Channel" and "Setup Connection" steps.

  • Click "Create a new channel" on the "Channels" tab.

  • Select "LINE Login" in the pop-up window and fill in the required information completely (it is recommended that the Channel name should be consistent with your official LINE account for better identification), and check "Web app" in the field of App types.

  • After the channel is established, go to the editing settings page. You can see the "Channel ID" and "Channel secret" on this page under the "Basic settings" tab. These two items need to be filled in to the two corresponding fields of the "Setup Connection" of marketing of increasing fans of LINE of the Super 8 platform.

Go to the marketing of increasing fans of LINE on the Super 8 platform and click "Setup Connection".

Paste the "Channel ID" and "Channel secret" information into the corresponding fields.

After filling in, go back to "Basic settings" in LINE Developers, scroll down to the bottom and select "Linked OA" to select your official LINE account.

  • At the top of this page, change the Channel status to "Published" to complete all backend settings of LINE Developers.

2. Establish marketing campaign

1. On the page of marketing of increasing fans of LINE\, click "Add new marketing campaign."

2. Fill in every information of marketing campaign

  • The name of marketing campaign: User-defined, which is easy for you to identify each event in the platform
  • Trigger keyword: Customers can enter this keyword to trigger the event, please notice that the keyword will be triggered only if it is exactly the same as you set
  • Start/end time of the event: The event will automatically start and end according to the time you set
  • Define your labels for the event participants: After the customer enters the keyword for trigger, the robot will automatically label him/her
  • Define your labels for new friends: Those new friends invited to join will be "automatically" labeled
  • Number of shares that can be discounted: According to the settings of number of share you set, customers can only see "Discounts available for sharing activities" after reaching the goal

  • Message content of marketing campaign: The content of the card that customers can see after triggering the keyword

  • Sharing event message (word limit: 90 characters): When a customer shares an event with a friend, a message and link will be sent, and you can define the content of the message (see Figure 2).
  • Notification of whether the activity sharer accepts the friends joining the membership: When the friend successfully adds/enters the official account, it will automatically send a notification to the activity sharer. This message notification will be counted into the LINE@ Push API message volume (a fee is charged) as well. You can turn off the notification to save costs, but please notice that you cannot change the settings after the event starts (see Figure 3).
  • Active the button of checking ranking table on the card: The customers cannot check the ranking table if it is unchecked.

Figure 2

Figure 3

  • Discounts available after sharing events: The discounts will be available to customers after reaching the above goals. You can select text, picture, card with options or LINE Points (you need to contact the customer service specialist to active the gift point template). You can send up to three messages at once, and all of them will be counted as Push API.

  • Discounts available for friends after clicking the event: the content can be seen by the sharer after adding your official LINE@ account. You can select text, picture, card with option or LINE Points (you need to contact the customer service specialist to active the service). You can send up to three messages at once, and all of them will be counted as Push API.

If you have confirmed the above edited content is completed, then click "Save", please notice that you can no longer adjust the event content after you click "Save".

3. Start/End/delete marketing campaign

After setting the event, please click the switch in the red frame if you want to start/end the event. Please note that when you end the marketing campaign, the keywords representing the marketing campaign will not be triggered and the data will not be recorded; however, the messages that have been sent previously can still function normally.

After the event is started, you can click to view or copy the marketing campaign.

The marketing campaign can be deleted after the event is ended, but the started marketing campaign cannot be deleted.

The example of customer vision angle.

After completing the above settings, we will take everyone to experience the entire process from the customer vision angle!

1. Customers trigger the keyword, 2020, click "I want to share!" , and choose to share with many friends.

2. After the sharee receives the invitation message, click the link to enter the LINE authentication window, click "Permit" and then click "Add Friend". The sharee should click "Add Friends", so that they can formally add your official LINE account.

3. New friends can click the button "2020" in the message they see after adding the official LINE account, to participate in the event and continue to share it with more people.

4. After the customer reaches the sharing goal, they can see "Discounts available after sharing events."

5. If you choose LINE Point as the discount content setting, you will receive a screen display similar to the following window, and click "Click to receive points!" Them you can get LINE Point rewards.

(The point redemption page will be differed according to the way of sending points you choose)

6. Customers can see how many friends have clicked on the link he/she shared, and click "View Ranking Table" to check their own ranking and see the top five of the sharing rankings

Marketing Campaign Data

1. Click on the marketing campaign for the data you want to inquire

2. You can see the analysis data and chart analysis after entering it

  • Diffusion rate of the event: The number of clicks on sharing links/participants of event
  • Conversion rate of adding friends: The number of new friends adding the official account/the number of clicks on sharing links
  • Total number of discounts issued for sharing links: The total number of publications of "Discounts available after sharing events"
  • The total issued times of discount for clicking links: The total number of publications of the "discounts available for friends after clicking the event"
  • Number of participants of event: Total number of triggering event keywords

  • The number of times the share link was clicked: The total number of times the customer’s sharing link has been clicked, including "successfully added official account", "failed to add official account", and "already added official account"
  • Number of new friends who have added the official account: The share link of each customer, the number of people who have actually added the official account
  • Label image: Click to label this customer as the top fan and get a star sign
  • Trash can image: Click to delete the label of top fan of the customer and remove the star sign
  • Searching event participants: You can directly search for event participants who share the link in this field

Hope the above information helps you!

If you have any other questions, please contact the online customer service specialist through the "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the bottom-right of the Super 8 platform.

Super 8 Messenger: https://m.me/no8.io

Super 8 Line@: https://line.me/R/ti/p/@im888

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