Welcome to the tutorial of using the Super 8. This scetion will teach you how to use the Developers Reply Button.


In the option cards of the Super 8 Platform editor, there is an option of "Developers Reply Button," but few people know its purpose or under what circumstances to use it. Next, let us delve into this question to find the answer!


When your operational scenario is that you expect the information reply from customers to be received only by chatbot or backend customer service, but customers themselves cannot see it, we suggest you use the "Developers Reply Button."

Expected operation scenario: It is expected when a customer clicks a thumbs up on a menu, they only see [Give a thumbs up] emoji.

This article contains the option settings of "Developers Reply Button", so the following description will be based on this article.

How to: Use the "Developers Reply Button" in the option card.

Display text on the button - fill in "Give a Thumbs Up" This setting means that the customer can give a thumb up by clicking on the text button.

Setting screen of "Developers Reply Button"

Customer clicks to give it a thumb up.

Customer perspective

Tutorial files

The Super 8 platform thoughtfully provides the process of setting for your reference. You can use this file to design further a scenario framework that suits your needs. Just a reminder that the purpose of this file is only for tutorial demonstration, please do not save it directly after importing the file!

Download files from URL: https://bit.ly/2OB4Sd8

Hope the above information helps you!

For any other questions, please contact the online customer service representative through the "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the Super 8 platform's bottom right.

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