Welcome to the tutorial of using Super 8. This section will teach you how to send text and file.

Using chat conversation page to send text and file

Select and click the customer that you want to have a conversation with, enter the conversation page, and directly enter the text in the text input box at the bottom. Press [Enter] key to send the text.

After pressing the "+" symbol at the bottom left corner, pick up the file or card message format to be sent. Click "Send File", and a window will pop up. At this point, you can directly drag and drop the file you want to send here or select it from "Select from the computer" by dragging and dropping or selecting the file and send it automatically.


To view all the files sent by members of the organization, click the icon at the top right corner, as shown in the picture below. All members of the organization can view the files in the file sidebar and share them with customers.

That will wrap up for the tutorial unit, hope it will be helpful for you!

For any other questions, please contact the online customer service representative through the "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the Super 8 platform's bottom right.

Super 8 Messenger: https://m.me/no8.io

Super 8 Line@: https://m.me/no8.io

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