Welcome to the Super 8 tutorial. After reading the previous trigger step and trigger form, this module will teach you how to create step (1): Enter Condition.

When your process meets the condition or trigger form set by the trigger step, it will enter the next step. The content of the steps is divided into three parts: Enter Condition, Behavior, and Accept Condition. "Enter Condition" can be enabled or disabled. Please set the conditions below when it is enabled. When disabled, it means that the bot will directly perform the actions in the "Behavior".

Steps for the settings:

1. Enable "Check Enter Condition"

Including customer input keywords, customer information, tags, and other conditions. The actions set in "Behavior" will be executed only after meeting your settings.

There are eight kinds of "condition" setting options here. Please refer to the description below for "Current Step" and "OTP Verification". For other options, please refer to: Trigger Step and Trigger Form.

Current Steps:

You can use this function to obtain data from a certain step, and use this data as an Enter Condition. After selecting the current step, please select include or not in the following options to successfully trigger the chatbot. Please refer to the fifth step in the process of "Activity Registration": Activity Summary for example.

OTP verification:

You can use this feature to verify that the mobile phone number entered by the customer is indeed his own number. For example, when an hotelier wants to confirm that the person who booked a room is not using false information to make reservation, it is recommended to use this function. Example reference: Scenario demonstration: Send SMS & OTP Verification.

2. Do not enable "Check Enter Condition"

When "Check Enter Condition" is not enabled, the actions set in "Behavior" will be executed directly.


If you need to use the set step content in other steps, you can directly click "Copy Step" to save time for resetting! "Copy Steps" can only be copied to the same process at present. If you want to copy steps to other processes, it is recommended to use "Copy Process" directly.

Hope the above imformation helps you!

If there are other questions, please feel free to contact the online customer service through "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the bottom right of the Super 8 platform.

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