Welcome to the tutorial of using the Super 8. This section will teach you how to connect Messenger.


After creating an organization, click the "Organization Settings" tab page of the organization page and click the "Fan Page Connecting Settings" button.

Note: Confirm your page role on the Facebook fan page

A reminder: The account you use to log in to Facebook must be the "Administrator" of the fan page to connect to the Super 8 platform. (The Administrator of the fan page can manage all aspects of the Facebook fan page)

Note: If your fan page is managed by an enterprise management platform

1. If you did not join as an "Administrator" when you were first invited to join the enterprise management platform, you would not see the assigned fan page.

2. On the contrary, if you join as an "Administrator" when you are first invited to join the enterprise management platform, you can still see the fan page even if you are demoted to an employee later.

Make sure that the role of the fan page you are going to log in and connect to is "Administrator", and click the "Continue with Facebook Account" button.

Enter the account and password of the Facebook to connect to your Facebook account

Please select the fan page you want to connect to and click Next

Please make sure all permissions are checked and then click Finish

Press OK

Select the fan page you want to connect to and click on connect to complete the connection.

After completing the connection, you can send a message to your fan page and see if synchronized with the message shown in the Super 8 backend . If the message is not shown in the Super 8 backend , it means that the connection is not successful. Please terminate the connection first and then reconnect it again.

After you have connected your fan page to the Super 8 platform, customers must send messages to it before they can interact.

Although after connecting, the message "This fan page cannot be changed" will be displayed, but after clicking "Disconnect from Messenger" at the lower right corner, you can still select the fan page to connect again. A reminder: A fan page can only be connected to one organization.

How to disconnect Messenger from the Super 8 platform

When your fan page administrator is about to change, or the connected administrator's Facebook user password has been changed, you need to interrupt the connection between Messenger and the Super 8 platform and reconnect to ensure smooth message delivery.

The Super 8 platform will periodically and automatically check whether the connection is normal for each organization. When you log in, please pay attention to the "notification" at the top right corner of the Super 8 platform. If there is a connection problem, the "notification" will inform you that there is an abnormal connection status. Please reconnect in such a case.

Facebook attaches great importance to security mechanisms. When the password is updated, or there is any Facebook technology update, it always requires users' re-authorization. Therefore, the Super 8 platform will make such reminders regularly to avoid the failure to deliver your conversation messages smoothly.

Organization Owners, please go to the "Organization Settings" page and click "Fan Page Connection Settings".

Click "Disconnect from Messenger"


1. After completing the settings of the Messenger account and fan page, you are still allowed to make changes to them.

2. After the connection account is modified, the transmitted message and customer information will temporarily disappear and will be displayed again when the account is reconnected next time.

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Hope the above information helps you!

For any other questions, please contact the online customer service representative through the "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the Super 8 platform's bottom right.

Super 8 Messenger: https://m.me/no8.io

Super 8 Line@: https://m.me/no8.io

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