Welcome to the tutorial of using the Super 8. This section will teach you how to connect the LINE official account (2.0).

Previous synopsis

After April 18, 2019, LINE@ will be fully upgraded to official account 2.0. After May 22, 2019, old LINE@ account users can manually upgrade their account to 2.0. The 2.0 plan can directly enable and use API functions without going through the review process. So if you are a user of the LINE official account (2.0) plan, you can directly connect to the Super 8 platform and experience the platform functions immediately!

Please note that one-on-one chat and Messaging API mode cannot coexist at the same time, but you can switch the desired customer communication mode by yourself. Each mode keeps its chat log. Therefore, we suggest that you communicate with customers with a fixed mode to facilitate the viewing of the complete chat log.

Before connecting

You need to have both privileges of the Super 8 platform "Administrator" and LINE official account (2.0) "Administrator" to connect.

1. Log in to the LINE official account (2.0) backend

(if you have already created an account, you can jump to step 5)

Select "Settings" and click "Messaging API" to enable Messaging API

2. Create a provider

Fill in the name of the provider who manages this account and click Agree.

3. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service (optional)

4. Enable Messaging API

5. Go to LINE Developer Backend

Click on the "LINE Developers" text in the red box

Click on the photo at the top right corner

Click "Provider List"

Select the official LINE account to be connected

Click to view Messaging API information

For the information required for the subsequent connection steps, please refer to the "Basic Settings" or "Messaging API" page

6. Back to LINE official account (2.0) backend.

Click "Settings" first, and then click "Response Settings".

Response mode

Please select "chatbot" for response mode. If you want to switch back to the one-on-one chat mode, please select "Chat Message" again.


Please make sure the Webhook is "enabled".

A reminder: if you have already established the chatbot automatic response messages on the Super 8 platform, we suggest that you disable the options of "Greeting messages" for friending and "Auto-reply messages" in the LINE official account backend, avoid mutual interference between the robots on both sides, which may cause the robots to fail to operate normally

Use eight steps to complete the connection!

Enter the "Organization Settings" tab page of the organization on the Super 8 platform and click on the LINE@ "Life circle connection settings" button. After entering the page, follow the eight steps below to connect.

Step 1: Confirm the plan of your account

For the LINE official account (2.0) users, please click the advanced version option directly.

Plans that "PUSH_MESSAGE" is allowed to be used in "LINE Official Account (2.0)", "Developer Trial", "Advanced Edition (API)", and "Professional Edition (API)".

Step 2: Paste the Channel ID

Copy the "Channel ID" string

Paste it into the "Step 2" field on the Super 8 platform

Step 3: Paste the Channel Secret

Copy the "Channel Secret" string

Paste it into the "Step 3" field on the Super 8 platform

Step 4: Paste the Channel Access Token

Find the "Channel access token" field on the Messaging API page, and click the "Reissue" button next to it

The "Issue a new channel access token" window appears, select "0 hr" and then click "Issue"

Copy the "Channel access token" string

Paste it into the "Step 4" field on the Super 8 platform

Step 5: Paste the Refresh Token (optional)

This field is optional. This field is only required when the LINE account is a Business Connect account. Otherwise, you do not need to fill in this field.

Step 6: Enable Webhooks

Change the "Use Webhook" field to enabled

Step 7: Paste the Webhook URL

Click "Copy" in the right column

Paste the string into the "Webhook URL" field, click "Update", and then click "Verify".

Step 8: Paste the Basic ID

Copy the Basic ID.

Paste the copied Basic ID into the "Step 8" field

After completing the above eight steps, you can complete the connection to the LINE official account by clicking "Establish Connection" below. After your customers join the chat or actively send you messages, you can start interacting with them!


Note that in LINE Developers Backend, do not enable the three settings of Allow bot to join group chats, Auto-reply messages, and Greeting messages. Please set these three items to Disabled.

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Hope the above information helps you!

For any other questions, please contact the online customer service representative through the "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the Super 8 platform's bottom right.

Super 8 Messenger: https://m.me/no8.io

Super 8 Line@: https://m.me/no8.io

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