Welcome to the Super 8 tutorial. This section will teach you how to use Messenger link triggers.


In the trigger steps of the Super 8 Platform editor, there is an option of "Trigger With Messenger Link," but not many people are aware of its purpose and under what circumstances to use it? Next, let us dive into this question to find the answer!


When you expect the customer's operational scenario to be scanning QR code, clicking the link address, or clicking the button to start Messenger, we suggest you select the "Trigger With Messenger Link," option as trigger method.

Assumed operation scenario: expect the customer to scan QR code to start Messenger and trigger the main activity menu

1. Establishment of processes: trigger with Messenger link

2. Trigger steps

In the trigger method under the Enter Condition, select "Trigger With Messenger Link" and fill in your customized link name in the field of m.me. After filling in the customized link name, click the copy button to copy the combined URL link. The URL link here is: https://m.me/1798544183720778?ref=test123

If you want customers to start Messenger by scanning QR code, use this URL link for generating QR code. If you want customers to start Messenger by clicking on the URL link, then put it directly in the post message or the URL address button.

3. Step 1: label-scan to enter

Leave out of Enter Condition without settings. Select "Set Label" as the behavior-type under behavior and customize the label name as "Scan QR Code Enter". The purpose of this setting is to let the seller know how many people, by scanning the code, enter the main activity menu on the day of activities.

4. Step 2: Main activity menu

Leave out of Enter Condition without settings. Select "Send Message" as the behavior-type under behavior. Here, take sending option cards as an example, and fill in the information of the activity main menu.


To use the preview function, select "Trigger With Messenger Link" and fill in a customized link name. In this scenario, for example, you need to enter test123.

Hope the above information helps you!

For any other questions, please contact the online customer service representative through the "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the Super 8 platform's bottom right.

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