Welcome to the tutorial of using the Super 8. This section will teach you how to operate the message cloud. (This is an additional plan. The message data of the service will start to generate data records after your purchase. Please contact your sales representative for more details. )

1. Go to the data analysis tab to select the message cloud.

Click to view data.

For users who have yet to purchase, please click for a trial version.

2. Select the time period you prefer, and click the keyword you would like to check. (The user-defined range is up to 31 days)

Screen out the most frequently occurring keywords in this period. (The larger the font, the more frequently it occurs)

You can check the times of occurrences of the most frequently occurring keywords, which enables you to implement marketing campaigns, edit robots, and broadcast messages to your mass audiences through frequency analysis.

For example:

Assuming that "Sydney" is the most popular keyword for searching in this section, then you can do marketing campaign or modify the robot template for "Sydney". If this period happens to be a holiday, you can plan pre-running activities early next year.

Hope the above information helps you!

If you have any other questions, please contact the online customer service specialist through the "Facebook Chat Plugin" at the bottom-right of the Super 8 platform.

Super 8 Messenger: https://m.me/no8.io

Super 8 Line@: https://line.me/R/ti/p/@im888

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