Welcome to the Super 8 tutorial. After reading the previous article: the create step (2): behavior, this article will teach you how to create step (3): accept condition.

When your process meets the conditions set by the trigger step, it will go to the next step. The steps are divided into three parts: Enter Condition, Behavior, and Accept Condition. This article will explain the "Accept Condition" part.

"Accept Condition" means that you have selected "Yes" in the "Waiting for Response" in Step (2): Behavior. You can set whether to check the Accept Condition of the customer's response to the behavior in the "Accept Condition".

"Waiting for response": select "Yes"

Need to set up "Accept Condition"

Setting up steps:

1. Allow customers to leave steps:

When the "Allow customers to leave step" is enabled, it means that customers are allowed not to respond to your "Behavior" content or to make an open response. When the customer makes an open response, if it triggers other trigger conditions you set, it will enter another process.

When the "Allow customers to leave step" is disabled, it means that customers must respond to your "Behavior" content before proceeding to the next step.

Since customers may not answer questions according to your expected scenario, in order to avoid customers getting stuck in the situation because they have not responded to your questions, it is recommended to enable this option.

2. Check Accept Condition:

When "Check Accept Condition" is enabled, it means that customers must respond to the conditions you set before proceeding to the next step

When the "Check Accept Condition" is disabled, it means that you can wait for the customer to respond to any content, such as an open answer


1. If both the steps to allow customers to leave and the check Accept Condition are enabled, the bot will give priority to the settings of check Accept Condition.

2. If you need to use the set steps in other steps, you can directly click "Copy Steps" to save time for resetting! "Copy Steps" can only be copied to the same process at present. If you want to copy steps to other processes, it is recommended to use "Copy Process" directly.

Hope the above information helps you!

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